The World Day of Birds all fly

Friday, 2 October, 2015
The birds are allaround us and accompany us wherever we go... Although we believe they are not, there is always a nest full of life over our heads.
In Oasis Park Fuerteventura, live numerous species of birds: raptors, parrots, ducks, cranes... More than you can imagine! So for us this day is so important.
Is so infinite variety of birds, and yet so unknown to us... To Oasis Park Fuerteventura is vital to know the large and small species that surround people, the most common as well as those native. So, during your visit to our park, you will find information boards about the main features of our birds, migratory routes, lunchtime preferences...
We are aware of the amount of dangers to birds: from global warming and habitat destruction, to war and conflict poaching or poisoning. But another danger latest attacks birds living in the cities, is the emergence of invasive species.
Known as the "silent invasion" over 500 birds each year to the environment accidentally or intentionally formerly pets are released, they are destroying important native populations as the house sparrow or pigeon.
Kramer parrots are the main cause of the imminent demise of native bird species in areas like Valencia or Barcelona. But the fault lies with the animals? Irresponsible pet purchase and subsequent release into the environment, these animals has led to the need to find a niche in which to survive and reproduce. Its high adaptive capacity accompanied by his exoticism, have attracted more sympathy among neighbors so never lack food. Meanwhile, our species, are forced to seek other points where nesting and other resources to feed.
In our power to help our wildlife is intact and continue to grow in places where it should do. Remember that in your walk in Oasis Park Fuerteventura, each animal has a story.
And you can be part of it! Happy World Bird Day to all.