Working together to rescue Majorero Donkeys

Thursday, 30 July, 2015
Educate, preserve and investigate. Those are the three objectives that should work for any zoo.
In Oasis Park Fuerteventura we are proud to work in this direction, and with the help of great professionals like Carlos Rivero, owner of the equestrian center "Manes of the Wind".
Conserve a local species and which is also endangered as is the Majorero donkey, it's for us a moral obligation. As majoreras companies that took all life on this island, we are involved in helping this species emblematic for the inhabitants of Fuerteventura, to continue occupying our natural areas.
Two individuals of Majorero Donkey were taken by the Seprona few weeks ago to nearby Oasis Park Fuerteventura here to receive appropriate veterinary treatment. The veterinary team conducted the recognition and diagnosis of lesions of the animals in order to apply the appropriate treatment, after which remain in some individual boxes with food and water ad libitum.
Since the injuries that have required a comprehensive care, remain on the Oasis Park Fuerteventura until their full recovery will ensure that fend for themselves and survive in the wild. Every day they carry out reviews, priests, administration of medical treatment ... In short, all the care that requires hospitalization.
And luckily we have the help of people who share these values with us. Carlos Rivero, besides being a great lover of nature is a recognized expert farrier horse with its own equestrian center in Triquivijate, "Crines del Viento". Have their services to help animals like these, it's a real luck for us and for patients receiving treatment for their expert hands. Thanks Carlos for giving your passion to us.

With this dedicated professional team, we keep feeding our desire to protect nature and biodiversity. So from here we want to thank Seprona, "Crines del Viento" and all the fans who contribute their grain of sand to make this possible so we can recover these animals.