Where can I buy a Baboon? I'ts very trendy

Monday, 4 May, 2015
"Mom, Mom! Can we buy that bird? At school say they speak and are very funny", say many children to their mothers. "Dogs and cats are too conventional pets. I prefer my python. It's certainly more elegant and spectacular", say many owners of exotic reptiles. "Look, it's like a small child. Can you see his hands? And it was very cheap!", assert a buyer of a primate to his guests.
Buying "new pets" or exotic animals, is the latest craze that spreads to every corner of the first world. What is more fashionable is have in our homes a brightly colored parrot, an oversized crocodile, or a funny monkey.
What we often forget is that is a very irresponsible act buying these animals as pets. It make us complicit in this market. A market that puts a price on the wildlife.
But, when we realize that we made a big mistake getting these animals as pets? When the parrot becomes annoying, and neighbors threatening to denounce us. When the snake becomes a danger to our children, because it measures them while they sleep. When the monkey bites us and we felt the fear that it have transmitted us a disease.
We have to feel fear to understand that we were wrong. Or actually we prefer to blame the animal? Sadly it is our tendency. We feel better about ourselves thinking that, instead of recognizing that we are not prepared to bring these animals what they need to hold them captive. On the contrary, we tried to make them what they are not.
When finally they become a nuisance to us, it's not uncommon for many owners decide to release in nature to their pets. Thanks to this type of action, was born the concept known as "invasive species" that displaces indigenous to the area. Examples include argentinian parrot, the eared slider or raccoon. The protocol of recovery centers for take control of these species is quite radical.
Fortunately, they are becoming more the owners of these pets who detect a problem of this type and decide to donate the animal to a zoo or recovery center where we fulfill their needs and join it with others of their species. Sometimes, the animals show symptoms of the ignorance of their owners. Their food and physiological requirements are usually more exquisite than a dog or cat. Our team of veterinarians and specialists are responsible for assisting them.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura encourage the conscious purchase of these "new pet" and call on all who are thinking about buying an exotic animal that you collect inormation enough about the conditions they need for their proper development: food, ultraviolet light, temperature, humidity, physical exercise, accomodation... We prefer have fewer animals to show you, that the fact that they have to get on these grounds. We hope that together we reduce the number of animals that are abandoned or who have to be relocated.
If you really want to have an exotic pet, and think you have everything you need to do, don't buy it:
Thanks for your help!