We've changed the date of the Open Days for Teachers

Monday, 14 September, 2015
Educational sessions 2015-2016 of Oasis Park Fuerteventura are already underway!
We have changed the date to September 26 so that more of you will be able to come. We want every one of the teachers of the schools in our islands, take a suitcase full of ideas, skills and resources to maintain curiosity by the environment around us.
Which animals live in family? What is the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates? What are the differences between cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals? Do you know the diet of our animals? What is leading to the extinction of many species?
Surely many of these questions appear in classrooms, but... There's nothing better than discovering the answers to these and many more questions in the hands of our team of education and the great scenery that nature gives us. Live!
We offer all teachers the opportunity to discover and enjoy our open day on Saturday 26 September, to meet our educational program for the following year 2015-16. In this amazing day, the educational team of Oasis Park Fuerteventura will explain all the new features of our program, and you will be able to enjoy the park improvements in order to you can plan for better future visits and take advantage of all the resources the park offers you.
For all those attending the conference we will deliver them the card CIE, which will allow them to come every time they want to the park during the 2015-2016 school year.
This is the program for that day:
10:00 Start of the conference. Meeting point: Info Center.
10:15 Breakfast at the Zoo Restaurant
10:45 Presentation of the 2015-2016 educational project 
11:00 Tour around our facilities. During the tour curiosities will be explained and available workshops will took place.
14:00 Presentation of the hostel and a video projection of the activities in the hostel.
14:30 Lunch
15:30 Farewell
Are you going to come?
Confirm your attendance by sending an email to reservas@fuerteventuraoasispark.com
Spend one day and discover everything we have to offer your students!