We join the #WED!

Thursday, 4 June, 2015
The June 5 each year, World Environment Day is celebrated. From Oasis Park Fuerteventura we want to contribute to improving the health of the Earth and its ecosystems. Education, conservation and dissemination go together in hand in our facilities so that when you walk through our doors, you learn to love more the environment around you.
Seven billion humans live only in one planet. We are all citizens of this great world we call home. And as such, we must take responsibility to preserve it healthy. But what is the greatest scourge that is facing our environment? It can be somewhat hard to assert that we are like parasites, but the question is, are we?
We release the gas environment, physical and chemical residues that pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink. We consume resources beyond our means to exhaust them. We exploit ecosystems and their inhabitants in our favor.
The UNEP (United Nations Program for the Environment), aware of the problems that our attitude provides, the world as we know it will not come to 2050. On the contrary, we would need three planets like ours to meet our consumption.
The final conclusion is that, certainly, human depends entirely on the planet to survive and to continue to lead the lifestyle and economic system that we know today.
But what we can do to improve our environment? Although it may seem like it’s too late to react, we are in time! The key, as the UNEP says, is consumed in moderation. The undisputed theme of environmentalism is "think globally, act locally" and therein lies the real secret of our capacity for action.
If everyone, as far as we can, participate in making the world better, when we want to realize, the world will really be better! Every action counts. And as we are aware of it, we participate by contributing our bit.
Many species that today are seriously endangered and even extinct, are located on the Oasis Park Fuerteventura facilities where they successfully reproduce with the aim to repopulate in the future their original habitat.
At the same time, harboring animals that have suffered the ravages of bad captivity approach to our audience the important task we have in our hand: to promote responsible pet ownership and adoption, eliminate trafficking and the illegal sale of protected species and fight animal abuse.
In Oasis Park Fuerteventura we work to share with our customers the love we feel for the animals and their environment. Live with us the unforgettable experience that only nature offers, and there is no better day than the World Environment Day!