We have come up with five crazy ideas and the fun is guaranteed!

Thursday, 12 November, 2015
Last evening at the Zoo restaurant, the cinnamon rolls were fresh out of the oven and that's how I decided to take a break, "I have to say the rolls are delicious with coffee or without it", Sometimes is necessary to make a pause to stop wasting time, right? I then paused for a moment, I look around, I rest my hectic life and I also look the hectic pace of my colleagues. Time without resting in exhausted moments, with scent Christmas holidays that are approaching. Why we can not remedy this unbridled sprint?

The Christmas begin, and with it the race to get the best gift and the debate of whether it is a purely commercial date or if is a sentimental date with a big meaning. 
And I wonder, after thinking and feeling about as magical place where I work, where are the gifts that are not a mere object? Where are those gifts that convey physical, emotional and mental balance that fill us of vitality and satisfaction? And in this way, I have been watching all the experiences that this sanctuary of flora and fauna has offered to me all this time. Suddenly, an idea was born in my head, create for all of you, for her, for him, for us, for you, for ALL.  Exciting and original gifts that are much more than an object, that can transmit, which all can enjoy and always stay in our memory. 

And that is how 
I have given life to so-called "#HappyEmotions", five different emotions for those seeking a touching gift and full of passion and adrenaline, for all ages, feelings of adventure, exotic emotions, emotions of savanna and marine emotions. This "Happy Emotions" only will be available until January 3.

We wish you enjoy it as we are, we present our "#HappyEmotions" to excel this Christmas with a different and original gift.