We found a new family for Cheeta in Spain

Tuesday, 17 November, 2015
“We both work for eradicate illegal trade of species providing selflessly solutions and that makes us confident and calm of which will be the new home for someone as special as Cheeta”.
After months of veterinary advice, Cheeta has been subjected to medical tests by cardiologists and rib cage specialists to check her good health and demonstrate that it is prepared to travel. Thereby, on Thursday, November 19th, Oasis Park Fuerteventura will proceed the transfer of Cheetah to the MONA Foundation in Girona.
It is a female chimpanzee 30 years old. It was acquired illegally in the 80s with a male chimpanzee by the previous owner, who exploited them when they were young to take pictures with the passerby in tourist zones of another island.
The authorities removed the two chimpanzees to the individual, because it is forbidden to have unlawfully endangered animals, potentially dangerous, extremely social and intelligent, as chimpanzees, leaving them as a deposit for over 28 years for voluntary care and maintenance by the zoo Oasis Park, located in La Lajita, who has also worked and works as a unique center of rescue and recovery of the island over the years.
The past month of July there was an unfortunate leak and for security reasons it had to sacrifice two of the three chimpanzees that were on deposit within their facilities. So the only survivor, Cheeta, stood alone. Managers of the park decided that this would undermine the chimpanzee, as it is a highly social animal and, in an effort to find the best solution for her, they contacted several rescue centers and care of captive chimpanzees to form a new family and not have to live the rest of her life* alone. (* The life expectancy of chimpanzees exceed the 60 years).
After discarding other available options, they contacted the MONA Foundation in Girona, who also meanwhile were on previous communication to offer help and carry out the integration of Cheeta in one of the groups, once last prudent time for healing and the primate was in good health to form a new household.
The MONA Foundation is an organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of primates, which also has an important educational and scientific work. Their experience and goals have been, no doubt, one of success that have made that the management of Oasis Park Fuerteventura wants Cheetah to be part of their family, we both work for eradicate illegal trade of species providing selflessly solutions and that makes us confident and calm of which will be the new home for someone as special as Cheeta, affirms the director of education department of Oasis Park Fuerteventura, Guacimara Cabrera.
Cheetah is currently property of the State, as it is in the zoo of Fuerteventura as a deposit from the day she arrived. The center has assumed the costs of maintenance and medical voluntarily for more than 28 years. The direction of the zoo the zoo considers Cheeta part of the family and therefore they will look after her from the distance, paying a lifetime voluntary pension for support and clinical care once she is in MONA Foundation.
Thereby will also be responsible for the costs of the transfer of Cheeta. MONA Foundation staff has traveled Monday to the Fuerteventura's zoo to carry out the transfer to their facilities in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona) along with staff and keepers of the park. The operation will take place on Thursday morning. Cheeta will travel on a direct flight to Madrid and then she will be carried by the staff of MONA to Girona by road. Now Cheeta must go through an adjustment period before she can be integrated with others of their species.
From Oasis Park Fuerteventura appreciate the great interest and attention shown by the Mona Foundation since the first moment that their help was required. They believe they are a great team with a long professional career that has adapted to the circumstances to reach this agreement to give the best possible life to Cheeta and now both share a very loved special being.