We don't want to educate

Tuesday, 14 July, 2015
Oasis Park Fuerteventura have a somewhat particular philosophy... We don't want to educate!
What we really want is make you to involve. The difference is very great, because everything you learn by reading a book is likely to be forgotten. But when something is lived... When something is touchee... When something feels! That is something you will never forget.
We have almost 30 years opening our doors with a clear objective: to bring to all our visitors the most beautiful face that nature has to show. Watch a documentary sitting on the couch in our homes, is an enriching experience... But wouldn't you prefer being the protagonists of this documentary?
Have you ever wondered why "Oasis" we call ourselves? You'll know just inside our doors. You will notice the special atmosphere we breathe here! A fully naturaluzado atmosphere is waiting for you in the midst of its most hidden corners find all kinds of wildlife each more spectacular.
We consider of vital importance to provide our animals an environment that is as close as possible to that encounter in the wild. For that reason, our elephants have a vast meadow where to walk and wear down their hooves, crocodiles and turtles are lost in vast and deep pools full of vegetation, and our primate jumping from branch to branch looking for insects in their anthills.
In addition, when the eyes of one of you falls upon our animals, we shall see that not just an animal, but may know its history, hence why it is here, and under what conditions is their kind.
We believe that teach, large and small, to love and protect the environment and all its biodiversity, it is not optional. We assume an obligation! And we know that the best tool for learning is the contact. So in every corner of our Oasis, you can contact with nature almost without realizing it!
Feed our giraffes, hippos and elephants. Caresses our camels and horses. Bathe with sea lions. Contemplates the elegance of lynx and cheetahs. Have fun with games of primates. But above all listen to and read the stories of each of our animals.
Donations from individuals, seizures authorities, rejection in their social groups, invasive species, extinct in the wild and completely animals are in a captive breeding program... They are all very different but have something in common. They found their home in Oasis Park Fuerteventura where veterinarians, biologists, carers and nature lovers, we ensure that each visit, you learn to love, respect, and ensure that their counterparts in freedom not suffer the danger of human beings!
This is our bit to conserve the environment. Come visit. You will see that when you leave here, you can not stop thinking about everything you've learned! You do not miss a totally wild experience in Oasis Park Fuerteventura.