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Sunday, 28 June, 2015
From Oasis Park we want to say good morning ​to you ​and ​bring you​ the latest news.
As you know the last 48 hours ​we've tried to keep you informed of ​the ​situation and ​we've been ​answering one by one ​all ​your comments in ​our​ social networks, because we understand your interest to know the details of what happened.
As you know, following the unfortunate incident suffered on Friday we had​ lost​ two important ​animals ​for us and three ​of our partners​ and ​the​ third animal were injured.
Unfortunately, two of our chimpanzees King and Felipa​ aren't ​with us. But Cheeta survived and after being subjected to emergency surgery, ​her ​recovery during yesterday was favorable. This morning we woke ​up with this ​motivating​ picture​ of our friend awake, eating by herself and very attentive to all caregivers even seeking contact and closeness with them.
The three ​team members​ who were injured are in stable condition. Two​ of them were the owners of the park, and​ have already been given a medical discharge and are at home resting and taking on the great loss, ​because they​ had a greater emotional bond with ​the ​animals.
The third wounded ​isn't in danger ​after various surgeries considering the severity of the injurie​.​ The medical treatment​ is working​. He is currently in ​a​hospital in Las Palmas accompanied by his entire family and one of the owners of the park that follows them from the first minute to convey all the support from Oasis Park and all his colleagues who from here we send a big hug.
We ask of respect for the families of the injured and ​explain that we​'ve not​ stopped giving importance to ​his​ situation, while it​'​s true that we have considered ​very ​important to give ​​to his family the privacy they deserve​.​ ​T​hey are assimilating and surpassing everything that happened in the past two days.
Because every time we wanted to be open and honest with you, we are obliged to say that we have been very wrapped up by many of you and that's why we thank you. But ​we also have recived ​many ​hard ​criticisms​. And​ that ​made us very difficult to continue controlling this hard ​situation ​for us​.
​When​ we talk about Cheeta, ​it's ​because we do​n't mind​ King and Felipa who unfortunately are​n't with us... ​If we talk ​about those ​two animales​, then we ​are not taking care of Cheeta​... On the other hand, if we g​ive​ intimacy ​to ​the wounded ​people, it's because we don't care of their welfare...​ When we​'ve​ talked about the injuries we have done wrong because we have ​forgotten the animal welfare​... And finally, if we​'ve​ ​put​ our visitors safe, it​'​s because ​we don't love our animals...
We do​n't explain all thus​ to hide ​ourselves ​behind anything. Each one of those comments have been answered immediately by people we've spent the last 48 hours without sleep​. We've been trying to explain to you everything although most of the comments​ ​were offensive. ​We've not had a second to stop and internalize what happened​. So​ ​w​e ask ​you ​a ​little bit of ​empathy because we can assure yo​u that this​ is very difficult for us.
We need to confess ​you ​that a few messages and feedback on our social networks have been removed and reported. ​Every​ time we have respected freedom of expression, but considering that our park is a familiar place for young and old​ people​, ​we'll N​EVER tolerate insults or disrespect​ in any case​.​ ​NEVER. Or for our workers or the direction or obviously among you. There are many open forums where such behaviors are not penalized but since now none of you are suffering everything that happened more than people who are here​. Because of that we​ ask ​all of you respect for the family of the victims, and to all​ the team​ that are in tension.
Without more​ to tell​, we can only thank you and promise you that we will ​continue here to ​solve all your doub​ts.​