Today I'm going “de Belingo”!

Friday, 26 June, 2015
It's like to go on a spree! Don't you have a plan for today? You can visit the page "Voy de Belingo" where you will discover all the possibilities of tourism that offer to you the Canary Islands. You won't know which to choose!
With the hagstag #averquecaritasetepone they invite you to live wonderful and unique experiences. Since appetizing and delicious meals, to adventures that will trigger your adrenaline up and leave you breathless. Because Canary Islands are plenty of funny!
Today from Oasis Park Fuerteventura we show you the face that you will show if you come to live our adventure with us. Do you dare to live one of the best days of your life? Prepare your backpack for you and for the whole family because you will find a great adventure full of nature in the middle of Africa!

To whet your appetite we invite you to swim with the sea lions in the #SeaLionExperience. You will live their greatness inside the water, in the wonderful saltwater pool where is developped our show.
In addition you will find the birds of Prey Show and the Parrot Show, to continue other animals totally different and emblem of Fuerteventura. “Majorero” Camels! You will know every corner of the largest in Europe Camel Reserve with the #CamelExperience and will be able to feed the new members of the family accompanied by the best professionals in camels. But also you can feel the authentic African feel with our #CamelSafari. And you will enjoy spectacular views!
Don't forget to feed all our animals! Giraffes, elephants, hippos, zebras, camels and of course all our animals from the farm. They are waiting for you to take the best pictures with them!
And if you think this is over ... You still hace the #LemurExperience! Meet the island of Madagascar and its small population. Ringtailed lemurs are endangered so in our center are within a Conservation Program.
Do you still have doubts or already have decided where you're going to go “de Belingo”? Live a wild experience in Oasis Park Fuerteventura and ... #averquecaritasetepone!