The story after sucess.

Saturday, 27 June, 2015
Yesterday , June 26th, has meant the saddest day in the history of Fuerteventura Oasis Park since it opened its doors in 1985.
One human error cost us the lives of two members of our family chimpanzees, King and Felipa, and hurt three people of the working team of the park, the medical report is favorable for all the wounded. Cheeta who today will be operated on a second time.
From the pain that causes us yesterday's incident, we wish to explain in detail how the incident happened and the reason for the actions taken to the police.
The story begins with King and Cheeta , They were taken in by the family of the park as two orphaned babies after being confiscated by the Service for the Protection of Nature (SEPRONA) from a street photographer who used them to play typical images of the period 1988.
Felipa , the third member of the family of chimpanzees , she came to the zoo with 22 years as a result of seizure of SEPRONA to be a victim of illegal trafficking of animals. Felipa is integrated into the social group formed in the 90s like a King and Cheeta's.
Apes grew with the care and attention of the family that owns zoo. They have witnessed every stage of their lives by providing the best possible conditions and quality of life, resulting in a special family feeling and affection between chimps and humans team Oasis Park Fuerteventura.
For us it is important to make you aware that many of the species are taken from their natural habitat can not be returned again as they have lived in captivity and adopted deviant behaviors that become unrecoverable. In the case of chimpanzees, many attempts to reintroduce nature, have failed so the best solution is to provide care and the necessary food to provide the best life possible, and this has been the mission of Oasis Park Fuerteventura from their arrival. We can say that this park has become more than a zoo, a center for rescue and rehabilitation of animals from illegal trafficking and possession of animals in unsuitable management conditions.
That is why the loss of our children, King and Felipa, is an unbearable pain we could not save them with safety procedures tranquilizer darts and the proximity of our hands, park owners were fearlessly in front of them trying to take their hand and accompany them to install on several occasions. After the team of caregivers and veterinarians will trigger the security protocol leakage primates, they tried to sedate them with tranquilizer darts. together with the owning family, with whom they felt more confident to know them for more than 30 years, tried to lead the three animals within their facility. Quite a heroic act in the circumstances.
Having exceeded the timeline gived by the responsable authorities and considering that there were human lives at risk, the police activated  their secutiryprotocoll that resulted in the loss of King and Felipa, the only male and one o the female, members of the family of 
chimpanzees. SEPRONA and Civil Protection acted according to the established protocols, being respectful in our actions and in their own right.
From the park we want to clarify that only three were injured in this unfortunate event are stable. The worker was transfered toLas Palmas for surgery and is out of danger. Two of the three owners of the zoo that were injured are now improving.
Oasis ParkFuerteventura wishour sincere support to the family of the worker concerned, thanking the visitors who yesterday had an excellent performance at the situation and thanks to all the team that has made every effort to open our doors today andcontinue offering the best service to our visitors.