Say yes to cuts

Monday, 20 April, 2015
We usually drink sodas of all kinds and every day we throw away the plastic rings that bind these cans to facilitate its sale and transportation. 
But... Do you know where they go? 
About 80% of plastic that contaminates the sea comes from land and a large percentage of these are the plastic rings that unite soda packs. But not only these rings go to the sea, causing the death of animals. Any residue may disturb them: plastic bags, rope, pieces of glass... 
Once in the water, wastes are carried by ocean currents from anywhere in the world from where they were poured. They can sink up to 100 m depth, so any animal, is able to escape. At sea trash becomes a lethal weapon that ensures the death of all kinds of marine animals, from fish and turtles to waterbirds. 
These "killer rings" have many ways to get victims: by strangulation, drowning or starvation when ingested and cause an intestinal blockage that prevents the advancement food through the digestive tract. 
We are increasingly involved with this problem. Even whole cities have decided to claim this and find big solutions through advertising campaigns that advocate environmental protection. 
But,what can we do from home? 
It’s very easy and is at your fingertips. Simply cutting with scissors these rings from ingress closed circles, we are providing a great help.We hope we have been able to show you how far and damaging effects it can have the irresponsible behavior of human.  
You can avoid this with a single gesture!