The reservation of majorero donkey is selling 7 exemplary

Tuesday, 27 January, 2015
Oasis Park Fuerteventura has a large reserve of majorero donkey since 20 years where not only reproduce that also cures is done to wild donkeys free to collaborate with conservation ago. This year was a good year Births, in the reserve of donkeys, is already about 40 exemplary purebred.  
The latest young have proven males, so they decided to sell to avoid castration of these specimens, each year we have waiting lists requesting a young specimen, and are minimal cases of sale of these exemplary this year has decided to announce the networks and sell them in strict order of application, they are young of five months old, those who are interested can request information on or by calling 928 161 102. 
The majorero donkey, on the island of Fuerteventura, is the only equine the Canary Islands. It was introduced to the islands by the conquerors, to date of today only counted majorero pure donkey found in Fuerteventura. Therefore its historical origin as a its physical characteristics: the "mule stripe" the crucial stripe or the stripes of the legs, suggests an almost certain African descent from the ancestral stock Equus asinus africanus. 
Unfortunately, their number has been decreasing dramatically, to the point that today the total number of animals does not exceed 200 exemplary. In fact, together with the other breeds of donkeys officially recognized in Spain, was included in 1997 in the category of "breeds in danger of extinction" to update the Official Catalogue of Livestock Breeds of Spain (Royal Decree 1682 / 1997; BOE of November 7th 1997). It also has, according to the scale of the Committee of Experts of the FAO, the status of "critical race endangered".