Put a stamp!

Thursday, 8 October, 2015
Do you know what day is celebrated today? The World Post Day!
Although internet has invaded our lives completely and post cards have been replaced by instant messages, e-mails or social networks, the essence of a letter or a postcard remains for a few magical. But from Oasis Park Fuerteventura we want to pay tribute to one of the first media that existed, and carried out thanks to the animals!
A piece of paper, which after being handwritten by the person submitting it, ran hundreds of km to reach its recipient, who could sense in every line of the letter, the affection of the issuer. The large door that opened with the post, today we find everyday. But more than 3,500 years ago, before the existence of the stamps... How the letters were sent?
The pigeons are one of the oldest means of communication in the world. Extreme intelligence of these animals together with its great capacity for guidance, makes them able to always find your way back home. Because they were able to reach speeds of 50 km / h, even at 80 km / h with the wind in favor, they became a reliable and rapid means of transport.
Egyptian culture was the most benefited from this cutting edge technology, but without a doubt, the Greeks were the biggest party took them because these animals used to proclaim the results of the Olympic Games. After this, Arabs, French, Dutch and even Spaniards benefited from the use of carrier pigeons. Europe's skies were crossed by hundreds of pigeons every day, all kinds of bundles sent to one end messages, while writing our history. And never mistake of your destination!
Now, when the technological revolution boils in our hands as smart-phone, the pigeons are reserved for the few who use their colombicultores collecting specimens exclusively for sports.
Oasis Park in Fuerteventura we want all our visitors and followers learn to love nature knowing it. Because our history probably would not have developed in the same way without the presence of the animals that we have both offered.
Thanks to all and Happy Post Day!