Play & Train and Oasis Park Fuerteventura eliminating barriers together

Friday, 7 August, 2015
As conscious conservation of the planet's biodiversity park, one of our pillars is to bring the natural world at all. That way, we get visitors out by our conscious doors and involved in caring for and protecting the environment around us and its fauna and flora.
But eliminating barriers and make available to ALL this magic, without discrimination, for us it is something that is implicit. The animal-assisted therapy to people with physical or mental disabilities, aims to assist the physical and social integration of patients, with something as simple as direct contact with an animal. During these therapies, many sensory receptors and even motors, are stimulated, while otherwise it would be much more complicated. But also read the enthusiasm and fascination on the faces of the participants, it is something that for us is priceless.
Knowing our involvement, co-Play & Train, Sports Association for People with Disabilities, come every year to visit with their groups. This partnership makes a spectacular work. As they say, "we organize sports activities and entertainment elite, through conferences, sports camps, family camps and educational activities in order to make available to people with disabilities and their families, the right to access to practice, learning and training of sports ". Definitely a role model in what refers to removing barriers.
Within its broad program full of all sorts of water sports activities, including a visit to our facilities. For a whole day, the boys become true adventurers who hand their monitors and our team, know every corner of Oasis Park Fuerteventura. From feeding with their own hands to our family of lemurs in Madagascar through, to immerse in salt water to swim with sea lions. Our animals seem to sense how special they are and they give them the best of themselves in every interaction!
And their faces give them away! Full of hope, each group Oasis Park Fuerteventura up with something very clear ... They want to go back! We thank the co-Play & Train first his blind trust us and our team, and secondly the great work they do. You are a great team!
If you want more information about their work and Camps, do not hesitate to visit their website -- Play and Train --!