To plant. To grow. To educate. WE LOVE PLANTS!

Tuesday, 19 May, 2015
The Education Department of Oasis Park Fuerteventura and Verde Aurora Land celebrate yesterday together the Day of the Fascination for Plants with a plantation tour on the grounds of the Mesa family, ten fruit trees, a present of Garden Center Fuerteventura.
At the same time, participants, students from 6th grade CEIP Antigua, received botanical training  from the hand of Dr Stephan Scholz, fromf the Botanical Garden, to bring the school to a greener world.
In particular the activity took place in Tenicosquey, a beautiful village in the Municipality of Antigua on Fuerteventura, located between some mountains instead the Verde Aurora Ecological Farm, a family farm that goes a step further. Their organic fields are home to a beautiful vegetable garden and numerous fruit trees, but the real stars are the olive tree and aloe vera.
With their own mill they produce one of the best organic olive oils. Or we could call it "olive juice"? Its color and texture are inimitable. The other jewel is the cosmetics based on aloe vera and organic olive oil. Without parabens and without paraffin, ensure top quality for skin care.
In order to teach adults and children the importance of loving and respecting the plants, we wanted to make a very special event aims to sensitize participants and thus feel the importance of their involvement in environmental conservation.
Therefore, students of the College of Antigua, today visited with Oasis Park Fuerteventura one of the best organic farms of the island, as we share the philosophy that we should walk towards the responsible production of agricultural products.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura thought there weren’t a better place to celebrate the fascination for plants that Verde Aurora Land  with class 6º of primary school in Antigua. Thanks to the donation of 5 fig trees and 5 moral trees from the Garden Center Fuerteventura, all together have spent an excellent day.
When the Oasis Park Fuerteventura free bus arrived to the college of Antigua, we could breath the emotion of children arriving at the farm. There they were greeted by Luis Mesa, manager of the farm, the director of the Botanical Garden of Fuerteventura Stephan Scholz, who personally chose the fruit trees making an educational talk about the importance of fascination for for plants, and a group of biologists from the department of Education of Oasis Park Fuerteventura.
After a welcome and successful testing of knowledge of children, fruit trees were planted in their new home. For some children it was the first time they planted a tree, but most of the group surprised Luis and Stephan with their ability to plant trees, which gives us encouragement that we are on the right way, and the youth of Fuerteventura are aware with the environment. But the visit did not end there. From the hand of the owners they toured every corner learning all about their crops.
Undoubtedly the month of flowers is May. Spring invites our plants to look their best look in a unique festival of colors. And it couldn’t be in another month to be held this special day. May 18 is the day of the fascination for plants!
Have you ever thought that would be our world without plants? We depend on them as mothers of the air we breathe they are, at the same time provide us fruits and vegetables which are an important basis for a healthy and balanced diet.
We can say with a loud voice: Objective achieved! A better future is possible and together we can get it.
Happy day fascination for plants!