Parrots Live

You will have to keep your wits about you to discover the magic tricks of our most exotic birds: the parrots, our very special friends that will host a fun show. Mind your head; these affectionate and intelligent birds will fly very near you to display their bright feathers. Highly coveted for their ability to imitate human voices and for their intelligence, parrots are capable of associating ideas and interacting with our species. They learn quickly if we dedicate enough time to teaching them. In addition, you will hear lots of interesting information on our friends from our team, who are completely dedicated to these birds and to our audiences.

During the show, you will enjoy an adventure with these beautiful creatures. A performance packed with trials and obstacles. Skating, riding scooters, playing basketball or sunbathing; our birds display their amazing skills. Furthermore, by using colours and shapes, they will display their intelligence by linking ideas, as mentioned above, in especially prepared games.

This is, without doubt, a feast of colours. Our stars glide and fly through rings, amazing our audience who will learn to admire their skills. In addition, so as not to miss a thing, we ensure that children can enjoy the show without anyone blocking their view. The front rows are reserved for children, where we can guarantee the best views of the show and that a parrot will skim over their heads. 

10:00 h. 10:45 h. 11:30 h. 12:15 h.