From Oasis Park we want to thank you all for your collaboration

Wednesday, 8 April, 2015
Every day a team of educators and veterinarians walking the facilities of Oasis Park Fuerteventura involving interviews with visitors, therein to exchange views about the park and guests . With the aim of increasing public awareness about the necessity of protect life on Earth, order to avoid precisely that of the current biodiversity of natural ecosystems remains only to future human generations a pale reflection in zoos.
Zoos and aquariums receive annually more than 600 million visitors, and we aim to to form, sensitize and communicate to all visitors promoting awareness of biodiversity and the implication of it in their care and protection. 
Remember friends that in your visit is obligatory to comply with the rules of conduct in zoos, you can see them in the zoo entrance, where also you can inquire about the requirements that must comply a zoo
We encourage you to participate in educational activities of the park and collaborate on studies and surveys of quality of the establishment.