Oasis Park buys animals in Africa!

Monday, 27 April, 2015

You'd be surprised how many visitors answer “wild” to the question "Where do you think the animals come from?". For years, depriving wildlife of liberty is punishable by law. Illegal trafficking of exotic species is the third crime which more money moves in the world, after arms and drugs.

We don’t run the African savanna trying to capture baboons to lock them in cages, or chase parrots in the Amazon Rainforest. As nature lovers, we defend wildlife.

But then, where do they come from?

Hundreds of animals are seized every year by the authorities and relocated in recovery centers and zoos that take care of their accommodation, food and care. But not only exotic animals: dogs, horses, donkeys, goats... Pets also suffer human irresponsibility.
The main reason for seizure is his possession in poor condition. Normally are animals that have had the misfortune to fall into the wrong hands, and their contact with people wasn’t the most appropriate. But they are also seized for illegal possession, irregularities in the documentation, or use in circuses or other profits.

But animals are also victims of fashion. Is very trendy to have at home what is known as "new petslike snakes and crocodiles, birds of prey and even primates. Irresponsible acquisition of these animals as pets, make us complicit in this market that puts a price on life.
Fortunately, more and more owners of these pets, prefer to call our door offering us their animals before waiting for the authorities to remove them. Some of the reasons they decide to bring animals are because they are very large, are dangerous, or just are tired to keep.

The shadow of extinction threatens many species whose only chance to set foot in their natural habitats is captive breeding to reintroduction. Professional teams are responsible in zoos to recreate their ecosystems and provide everything needed to dodge the imprint and soon, they could be able to enjoy the freedom that our greed stole.

The majority of Oasis Park’s animals have been victims of imprisonment imposed by humans. Parrots, primates, reptiles, birds of prey, etc., arrived here suffering the ravages of captivity.There are many stories that lie behind the eyes of each of our animals.

But we ask you, we have another choice?

They have suffered, they have been deprived of the greatest that had: freedom.As nature lovers, we have no choice but to take responsibility for them when others didn’t.
With your visit to the park, you contribute to improve their welfare and quality of life. Without you, it couldn’t be possible. Thanks to your small investment and the enthusiasm with which you visit Oasis Park Fuerteventura, we strive every day to meet the nutritional, environmental, behavioral and social needs of our guests. On behalf of them all,THANK YOU for allowing them a day in a home where we work to forget their sad past.