The new Reptile Show is about to arrive to Fuerteventura

Wednesday, 22 July, 2015
A few months ago our Reptile Area temporarily closed its doors. We started a great project! And we are very proud that this great project is on the right way...
We wanted to provide our animals larger facilities to suit their needs. And at the same time, get close to you, our visitors, the best vision of the world of herpetology.
Near of our amazing Botanical Garden will open very soon an area where we will look back in time because the reptiles straight out of a real dinosaur movie.
In the midst of a large natural pond with even a huge sunken ship, our large and imposing Nile crocodiles bask quietly. And together they make up the vast mosaic where you will be able to enjoy our new show as if you were in the middle of the jungle!
Can you imagine the new species we've decided to approach to you in this new area? Snakes of all sizes: pythons, cobras... The pogonas will also stay with us, but certainly chameleons could not miss our great reptile area. Tegus, escinzos bluetongue and spiny-tailed dragons share a new home.
In the new show right next to the big facilities, our animals have huge terrariums full of environmental enrichment, each adapted to both structural and environmental conditions that these species need. But we have also made sure to provide a room where they will be able take their daily sunbathing!
The qualified personnel working with them daily, is responsible for writing down what they eat, when they eat, the temperature and humidity of their terrariums... Caregivers and veterinary specialists in reptiles not take away the eye of them.
And all this you will be able to witness sooner than you think!
In less time than you think, we will open the new reptiles' area.
Ready for adventure?