More than 300 children have enjoyed Summer Camp Oasis Park!

Thursday, 20 August, 2015
In Oasis Park Fuerteventura we have said goodbye this August the 4th edition of our Summer Camp full of experiences in nature, where it joins playful and education of children between 4 and 14 years old.
This year more than 300 young adventurers and nature lovers have enjoyed the magic of biodiversity where through folk tales and mythological animals, smaller have become aware and respectful with the environment.
We've got over four years to shape a real adventure camp, education and leisure. We are proud to be positioned among the top most recommended Summer Camps in Spain!
This result would not be possible without the excellent cooperation of all local companies that have added value to our nature camp. We have had all kinds of activities: water activities with Escuela Náutica Morro Jable, land sports activities with Fuerte Baifo Sport, track activities with Padel Tenis Padel, and eco farm activities  with Verdeaurora Bio Farm. Without any doubt, the involvement of these companies from our island to develop educational programs for future generations is praiseworthy.
For us it has been a great pleasure to have the cooperation of these companies to our program of activities. They have managed to convey to children the special importance of a healthy lifestyle and learn fun with safety and precaution. With no doubt it has been an excellent teamwork! Thanks to them for their dedication!
Little adventurers have not only learned how to combat deforestation and behave to promote conservation of nature changing simple everyday gestures. They also have enjoyed preparing food for our animals and holding workshops with caregivers. They have participated in gincanas to understand better the animals and their habitats, and live unique experiences like spending the night in the heart of the zoo for a week.
They deserve a grate hollyday time... But this summer they have discovered new insights into some facilities where species highly threatened as Cuvier's gazelle, oryx or african turtles. They were able to see the new babies born this spring. And above all, they have shared between them and learning games.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura we become a nature classroom for children and adults and, most importantly, an excellent platform for environmental awareness and conservation of endangered species for future generations.
Will your children lose it next year?