Madeleine dies. the only female in Canary cheetah. After 9 years of living in Fuerteventura.

Friday, 20 June, 2014

Madeleine, the only female cheetah who was living in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands passed away for natural causes last Thursday , declarated the veterinary clinic in the zoo. The animal spent the last 9 years after her arrival in 2006, they reported. Part of her time was living in the zoo and in November 15th she was going to celebrate her birthday. The staff claimed that Madeleine suffered a normal renal insufficiency, tipically normal in her age. She died "without suffering and with sedation. She had been under medical treatments for years". The longevity of female cheetahes is about 6.2 years in wild way, however in captivity they can reach up over15 years, so that Madeleine had a long life.

The cheetah' remains Acinonyx jubatus will be delivered to the educationl centre of Oasis Park, to study and also to be used as teaching material for schools. The material which lacks of interest for scientific and educational reason will be cremated. In any case, the remains will not be showed to the public even if some groups asked for her dissectation. Guacimara Cabrera, head of Education Oasis Park's department said that she has been an ambassador of her species in the park because there are only about 12,000 cheetahs remain in the wild nature, and they live under the threat of their natural habitats, savannahs, are disappearing as a result of human settlements. The park will dedicate an area of the zoo in her honor that they hope it will contribute to the struggle of survival of this endangered species , creating conservation awards. Madeline has been part of the "sentimental education"(educational feeling) of many children and all the staff inOasis Park.

In this sad piece of news, the Park follows "the standard protocol" mentioned the responsable of the veterinary of the zoo,Olga Taman Olga. “Madeleine has not felt anything," said the specialist. "She was given one year in palliative treatment for medical reasons" so it was not requred to trasfer the animal to the veterinary area , giving her the opportunity to live in her zone because of her hapiness-Madeline died in a "quick and painless way" and without feeling anything.