Let's be a Responsible Zoo

Friday, 14 August, 2015
Conserve and protect wildlife on Earth is a responsibility that we share all zoos, aquariums and recovery centers.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura, in our efforts to educate and involve our visitors in the important mission of helping the species do not become extinct and eliminate crimes such as trafficking with wild animals, we approache the true nature to all who decide to visit us.
But we lay out some important questions: Where are the limits? How far we can or should get close to this wild world? The answer is very simple. The essential is THE SAFETY OF PERSONS AND ANIMALS. That's why we always try to allow you to live wonderful experiences and emotions, but without jeopardizing your welfare and our animals' welfare.
Feeding a giraffe or a camel, swim with sea lions, watch our birds of prey flight or move to Madagascar without leaving the park are some of the experiences that you can live firsthand. Adults and children will spend in Oasis Park Fuerteventura an unforgettable day.
We take very seriously your involvement. What is done, is learned! And so, as we want you to learn the love and respect for nature as much as we do, we approach it to you every day. And your only mission is to enjoy and learn, but always in a responsible way.
We are proud to have an excellent professional team where veterinarians, biologists and carers, as experts in treatment and handling of animals that help us to design the facilities where animals live. But the most important is that they help us to design and put in the right places all indications and safety signs.
No one knows better than them the biology and behavior of animals, and without doubt no one knows them better, with their personalities or fixations. Therefore, they are the ones responsible to point out where the limits are and until where you can get close to the animals to not stress them or to avoid a possible accident.
We invite you to not skip our signs and indications. Mainly they are placed to ensure your safety! You can get spectacular photographs maintaining the safe distance that mark our barriers and signs. Can you imagine how dangerous can be for an elephant or hippopotamus swallow a camera?
Ensuring their welfare is everyone's responsibility and that's what we want to transmit. Nature is there to love, respect and preserve it. Come and do it all with us. Oasis Park puts the posters but is in your hand obey them! Thank you very much for your collaboration, Oasis Park Fuerteventura is a #ResponsibleZoo.