Last minute, we open our doors

Saturday, 27 June, 2015
Fuerteventura Oasis Park opens their doors with complete normality after the incident yesterday with the three chimpanzees.
The only three injured are stable, also Cheeta, the chimpanzee has recovered from the operation he underwent in late to save his life.
"It's the first time the park has closed the doors on 30 years, today we are more active than ever." From nine o’clock the park opened the doors to function fully, beside of visitors who came to the park yesterday and today have wanted to return to give words of support and continue to enjoy the shows, interactions and other attractions.
The only three wounded, a worker of the park and two of the owners of the zoo are quite stable and out of risk. The third injured, was taken to Las Palmas to undergo a plastic surgery which has had a positive balance.
Cheeta, the chimpanzee that has been operated yesterday for save his life, is firm and sitting on her facility. The primate is being prepared for a second operation. After loss of both specimens, King and Felipa, the park has put all their effort and dedication in saving Cheeta.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura is grateful to the many people who have sent their messages of solidarity and understanding to those who now face the difficult situation of losing two sons of a family zoo.