Knowing life to care for it

Tuesday, 13 October, 2015
Oasis Park Fuerteventura join at this year's theme: "Knowledge for Life", and take a step forward every day working on awareness and education.
Each October 13th the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction is celebrated, a day that UN use to show citizens the important responsibility that falls upon us to help to reduce these disasters.
Did you know that one of the main tasks of the zoo is to educate thousands of visitors pass through its doors each year? In Oasis Park Fuerteventura we are very proud to have a team of professional in education and committed to their work, leaving not pass any opportunities to provide everyone knowledge about nature.
Love our environment helps us to respect it. Knowing the ways of life of those who share our planet, it makes us more aware of the importance of conservation. Did you ever have imagined a world without animals or plants? Do you really think that would be possible?
The purpose of this initiative is to show you all forms of life that surround us, showing the effects of our daily routine have on the environment. Nature constantly sends us signals, most of which we don't know how to interpret, so it warns us that we are exceeding their limits: species become extinct, temperatures rise, cyclones…
The planet is suffering, and with him all who inhabit it. As the UN says, "the effect of these natural hazards have on populations depends largely on decisions we make, individually or collectively, regarding our lifestyle and the environment".
You can also do something!
Consuming organic products, helping to reduce the emission of gases into the atmosphere using more public transportation, or simply instilling the smaller the habit of recycling, you are taking a step. Let's walk together to learn about the life and take care for it!