It was a great BAPTISM!

Saturday, 1 August, 2015
Niara and Sharik, the baby giraffes from Fuerteventura's Zoo, celebrated yesterday their baptism with a surprise party aimed at all audiences.
The celebration coincided with the visit of young adventurers from summer camp at the zoo, in which small and large paid tribute to the two latest baby giraffes born last month. Children who visited the zoo participated all the day preparing a surprise greeting in the African Savannah with some of their favorite food that have begun to include in their diet as infants.
At the park entrance a large cacke of 8 floors had been the delight of our visitors, could not miss the African rhythm drumming by the prestigious batucada "Al son de Todos" and creative choreography of the smallest of the academy Datana dance.
But the end was the big parade led by zookeepers and great cake for giraffes by all visitors, a long way 300 meters in which the rhythm, dances and small balloons stood before the Rain of colors in the sky of the colored powders, certainly a great show where workers and visitors participated with joy to celebrate the miracle of nature for conservation.
They also learned firsthand the most curious details of their growth. They were small with their mothers. That's when Niara and Sharik discovered greeting surprise that children had prepared with help from caregivers, a large cake of ice and fruit, was introduced at their facility in a nice car decorated by all visitors to the big occasion.
After serving a month, the young babies have become a naughty young who have acquired great skill with their long tongue as the main tool of games. 
In their first month of life, “Sharik and Niara reached 2 meters and 100 kilos, its growth has been progressive and thanks to the excellent care of their mothers and the whole team of Oasis Park Fuerteventura "explained their veterinarians.