Is it heatwave? Not for our animals!

Monday, 27 June, 2016
Our Savanna animals also receive the pressing heat of summer; however they are accustomed to temperatures above 50 degrees in Africa. The yellow alert issued by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has not altered their usual behavior in Oasis Park Fuerteventura
Fruit refreshes!
Although the heat is not extreme for our animal, keepers and veterinarians are supporting our wildlife and so they prepare a refreshing ritual for them. Frozen fruit-like ice cream and fruit smoothies constitute the rich complement to the daily diet of all our primates: meerkats, mongoose, raccoons, coatis and hippos, elephants, cranes and wallabies. The chosen option for the otters are glasses of iced fish a delicacy that dazzles the male otters!, to the point that when they realize that the fish does not leave the glass – because it is still frozen - they forget their prize!. While the females nibble again and again until they are done with the frozen prey. A curious picture we have released these days in our social networks! 
There is no shortage of showers
Who does not crave cool water on a hot day? Drinking or getting wet in cool water are some of the actions that Oasis Park Fuerteventura activate when we have a heat alert. Our visitors really enjoy watching the elephants and camels having a shower. Half an hour sessions of pressurized water delights Maus, Yuna and Nhua, the little elephant of 14 years kneeled down in pleasure upon receiving a bath at the hand of our caregivers. Similarly, our family of elephants has a waterfall to enjoy the water when they wish. And what about fruit? When it is very hot, our caregivers take various pieces of fruit to the elephants pool. A whole papaya is little! So apples are also thrown into their pool. When the water bath is finished, then commences the mud bath: our elephants smear themselves with wet earth that keeps their body temperature down. It is with good reason that they are known to be one of the most intelligent animals on earth!
¡Our camels also receive showers two or three times a day! The head of the camel reserve also ensures that the darkest dromedaries are those that receive more water. Also, the camel guelfos –baby camels- are supported during the alert of 34 degrees as we had last Thursday. 
We work for the welfare of all
In summer, the staff of Oasis Park Fuerteventura pays special attention to the announcements of the State Meteorological Agency to ensure inclement weather is addressed in the best way possible. We are concerned not only for our animals and plants but also for our visitors and workers.   
Because, we work as a team to guide our visitors and remind them that there many areas of shade and to rest when possible throughout he length and width of the park. Besides rest areas are provided with a great supply of soft drinks, ice cream and so on.
Would you like to take a picture with titi savouring an ice cream?
It is one of the advantages of coming to Oasis Park Fuerteventura and you are surprised with a heatwave.
Every cloud has a silver lining!