Internacional birds day

Friday, 8 May, 2015
Imagine being able to fly. We've all dreamed from an early age to be able to deploy spectacular wings that allow the wind to contact with feathers, and raise a relaxing flight.
Today is the International Day of these wonderful who have been able to conquer the sky. And so we want to show a little more about the characteristics that make them so special.
As you can imagine, they have many anatomical differences with mammals. Without going any further, his body is covered with feathers instead of hair. In the skin, follicles have very similar to those we have, but with the ability to form feathers, depending on the body region covering will have very important functions: for example, the tail feathers are known as rowing feathers because according to the inclination they give, they direct their flight.
Another curiosity of flying birds, is that within their long bones is not bone marrow filler like the case of mammals. The bones are hollow, which gives them greater lightness to expedite the flight as well as the formation of a pneumatic chambers that direct air to make them lighter.
The protection and conservation of wild birds is not only important in its own right. They are an essential indicator of the condition of an ecosystem, for example, knowing the species of birds that inhabit a particular area, we can know their biological richness and environmental changes that have occurred. They also work in the pollination of many plants acting as dispersing agents.
There are scattered throughout Spain, many protected areas by the large number of birds that nest in them. They are known as ZEPA (Special Protection of Birds Area) and thanks to its correct management through correcting power lines, reforestation, and preventing hunting, is getting that native birds that were in serious danger of extinction, are little gradually tracing.
But what actually conquer us are her beauty and intelligence. Its infinite variety of colors, shapes and behaviors, enabled conquer all possible ecosystems. They own land, sea and air. For us it's a real luxury to live each day with birds of prey, exotic and domestic, to get us a smile and get us back to childhood.
Unfortunately are bad times for these incredible creatures, especially after what happened in our coast by the collapse of Oleg Naydenov. Many birds are now suffering the ravages of our unconsciousness, so from here we want to send our strength and our encouragement to all who are working to save birds.
We dedicate this day to all birds. 
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