Happy biodiversity day!

Thursday, 21 May, 2015
Last year the biodiversity day was dedicating to the islands, which for us was a real pride because of the number of native flora and fauna species we have in the Canary Islands. This year is no less important for us, because the theme is "Biodiversity for Sustainable Development".
With more than 30-year career that support Oasis Park Fuerteventura, we can say that our efforts are moving towards sustainability through education of future generations; objectives undoubtedly we have very internalized.
As the United Nations says, "the fate of humanity depends on biological diversity, richness and variety of living things on the planet", and therefore their conservation is "essential for sustainable development and for the welfare of human and the key to reducing poverty".
By reducing the number of species on Earth, threatening our survival for hundreds of reasons. Affected factors such as the pollination of plants, the availability of food, jobs ... A clear example is that without fishes we don’t need fishermen.
Food shortages in certain parts of the world has led to indiscriminate hunting species that are now extinct in the wild. But not only food, also poachers to smuggle animals limit the development of our biodiversity.
In Oasis Park Fuerteventura we firmly believe that biodiversity is our greatest treasure, while the more fragile legacy from our ancestors. It’s in the hand of all us to ensure a decent future for future generations, which is more than proven that depend on biodiversity, when our ego leads us to believe that is she who depend on us.
But the words are gone with the wind, so we let our work to preced us. Cuvier's gazelle, ringtail lemur, Scimitar Oryx... are some species that are extinct or or they have little to be. And here, in our home, also found their home.
Remember that we are nothing without them. A cups toast to our biodiversity!