Great party in the African Savannah!

Wednesday, 8 July, 2015
The African savannah is celebrating something very special. Don't you know what? We cannot believe it! You have to come to see why we are so excited!
A few weeks ago the family of giraffes grew in Oasis Park Fuerteventura ... It's certainly a good reason to be happy!
Saturday August 1 as is tradition in Oasis Park Fuerteventura, the two giraffe babies will be baptized in the African savannah facility. We are preparing a big party full of color in which all who are in the park, will also be the protagonists.
With the rithm of drums, burst of colored powders, magic face-painters, a funny photocall and African dances, all participants can try the great christening cake of the two babies, and also participate in incredible sweepstakes and workshops. We will celebrate together the optimal development of the two baby giraffes and we will proclaim their names in style on this special day.
The giraffe is a species that although is not yet in the Red List of endangered species, suffers increasing pressure in their natural habitat as a result of poaching for food or its skin. For us it's very important that little ones get involved in these activities, because they are our future generations and we want to raise awareness of respect for our biodiversity through fun and interaction.
Would you like to come?
It's very easy. You must present the stamp that our colleagues put on you hand when you pay your entrance. And we recommend to all attendees wearing white clothes because colored powders will be used! There will be any problem when washing your clothes. Still, we recommend wearing old or used clothing. The powder is made with natural ingredients and are absolutely safe for use by people and for the environment.
There are no excuses! No one can miss this wonderful party where we celebrate together the success of nature. Experience the African bush at its best!