Five reasons why to enjoy nature tourism with children

Thursday, 9 April, 2015
Many environmental psychologists continually repeat the great need to get out into nature with the children not only during the holidays than also in our free time throughout the year and therefore we want to put five important reasons why you need to add to your routine to go out with the little ones to spend a day in nature.
1 - Enjoy open spaces: We all need to be outdoors, to compensate for the time that we are indoors, for developing a sense of independence and autonomy.
2 - Increase the level of observation: nature improves cognitive development amplify self-awareness, the reasoning ability and observation.
3 - Improvement in School reports: Did you know that when they are in contact with the natural world, score higher on tests of concentration and discipline?.
4 - Confronting the problems: the nature minimizes the impact of stress in the life of children and help them deal with adversity, more contact, higher profits.
5 - Positive values: Contact with wildlife and opportunities for play in nature, with positive ethical values, make grown in the little ones a feeling of love and harmony with the world.
Children who are not allowed to exercise their right be outdoor,they can develop biofóbicas attitudes and constitute a future generation that will not be interested in the ecology or human responsibility of caring for and preserve the land and its diversity.