Everything under control!

Friday, 26 June, 2015
Today in Oasis Park we have lived an unexpected altercation, but luckily is controlled.
Our family of three chimpanzees King, Cheeta and Felipa, have left their facilities as a result of an incident in the security protocol established for primates.
As it's stipulated in our protocol in cases of emergency, our staff has been commissioned to salvage all the visitors who were in Oasis Park Fuerteventura in covered and protected facilities. After ensuring the welfare of our customers, we have implemented the protocol in cases of leakage of primates.
Once detected by park staff that the animals were outside, the staff acted to try to reduce them with tranquilizer darts. Despite the performance three park employees were injured, and in this moment they decided to call to the authorities to help to manage the incident.
Unfortunately, due to the difficulty of reducing them, two of the animals have been killed by the authorities, while the third one is asleep and stable installation, where the specialist team will be in charge of evaluating their health.
The situation is now completely controlled, as the competent authorities of the hands of our team of veterinarians and specialists in primates, are responsible for controlling the incident.
We feel completely shocked about what happened. These animals were rescued more than 30 years ago by the authorities to be victims of illegal trade and illegal possession of primates in captivity. Since then we became a shelter for primates and other kind of animals, and we've work in two goals. First of all the welfare and safety of each and every one of our guests, innocent from the beginning and who became captives because of human greed. And secondly, we have always worked to convey to visitors the importance of NO contribute to holding wild or exotic animals as pets, because in the end they are paying the consequences.
Luckily we have a highly conscious of animal welfare team that have turned to avoid above all animals abatement. But the safety of humans and the duty to control the situation is above all. The evacuation has been perfectly directed and controlled by the zoo staff and the authorities, without any panic rife among our visitors.
Today Oasis Park Fuerteventura will close, because during all day we will take care to restore the situation. But tomorrow we will open our doors to all of you. We thank both our customers and the authorities their patience and their support, because we really feel sad. We have lost two chimps, and for us they were like membres of our family.