Emolo makes progress. And she gives us her leg.

Tuesday, 5 July, 2016
One of her limbs has a chronic disease that hinders her movement. For her safety she makes her daily workouts in a space reserved exclusively for her.
She already gives us her leg. A sight very familiar to those who have pets, a gesture often performed by dogs. However, in the case of our giraffe Émolo it is not a capricious act for their caregivers but a big step toward finding a solution to her deformed leg. Our giraffe, 14, was born with a genetic malformation. So, every day, on three separate occasions, Émolo receives a visit from her coach Miguel Angel Valdes, who is passionate about animals and is trying to contribute his grain of sand so that, sooner rather than later, Émolo can have an orthopedic boot and the best possible quality of life but first, we have a long way to go.
The relationship between caregiver and animal, is essential
Our family of giraffes have grown and not only forced the young adults to move but to demand milk even after being weaned, at 9 months. A situation that complicates the harmony that Émolo now needs. A sudden movement or a fall is a risk of fracture, with what that entails for our giraffe. The best company for Émolo now is her caregivers.
Training, for the welfare of the animal
This is where the daily training comes in, a routine that helps our elusive giraffe to gain confidence. Miguel Angel is becoming hopeful that in the coming weeks Émolo will tolerate a new space, this time smaller, to facilitate veterinary interventions. Filing the hoof on her leg is another action towards her welfare. However, the portable x-ray which we use in Oasis Park Fuerteventura is key to identify the problem and put the best palliative remedy forward for Émolo. Professionals in the park, on the other hand, discard a measure which is considered counterproductive: to anesthetize the animal, as this holds a level of risk that begins even before putting to sleep or sedating, as allowing any giraffe to lie down endangers their bones, even their lives. In fact, even in the wild giraffes sleep standing up as it is the safest way to sleep. 
Little Ana Maria, an example of success
Ana Maria, is eleven months old, she really enjoys the training sessions. At 08:30 hours, she also waits for Miguel Angel. Their evolution in the park helps us understand why training them is momentous in their lives. The greater the amount of contact with people the less fear and insecurity is allowed to manifest. Moreover, if a link is created with them from when they are young it will mean not only will they be more responsive to the presence of visitors but also they will be happy to be “helped” when needed.  An example is the extraction of blood for analysis: when the giraffe takes a point as a reference and remains still voluntarily ... it certainly is facilitating the work of our vets. It makes us very happy these great little achievements!
The luck of Emolo
Hungary. Our beloved Émolo comes from a park in that country. Oasis Park Fuerteventura has been her home since 2004; undoubtedly the climate of the islands is and was far more favorable for her recovery. Destiny also wanted that giraffe training should be integrated in the park with better results (there are only three locations in Spain and ours is considered the best, said by the same guild of giraffe coaches) In addition, Oasis Park Fuerteventura is one of the parks with the largest number of giraffes in Europe. This year we care for a family of 14 members.
Their stories are known daily
Ana Maria and Émolo represent an example for all; this is why they are the lifeblood of our educational talks. Every day, we greet our visitors and talk about them at 11: 30 hours. While Ana Maria progresses in leaps and bounds, Émolo gives us hope she will soon be in with our group of giraffes. We wish her the best of luck in her daily progression!