Don't you have your Recibag yet?

Saturday, 17 October, 2015
We can not believe you don't even have your Recybag yet... Every Sunday come to the Agro-Craft Market these original bags made with 100% recycled jeans!
The philosophy of Agro-Craft Market is simple: offer green products, recycling and the production and processing have minimal impact on the environment. And this is very evident in this shop in our market!
Old, broken, outmoded, or simply not trendy jeans, become in these original bags and backpacks. Recybag motto is "Only One", it means that the artisan makes an only one model. You'll never find another bag like yours the handbag you choose will be totally unique!
But the creativity of our craftsmen is exceeded every day. Not only will you find bags made with recycled jeans, but also find remains of sporting events with candles! Design your own set for sports and also helping the environment.
Don't leave without your Recybag Fuerteventura! You will not find anyone who has an equal one...