Don't do more harm and learn to respect!

Friday, 26 December, 2014
Since long time ago, many letters we receive from customers concerned about primates living in Oasis Park Fuerteventura, from here we want to thank the interest of each of you and from today begin to tell you little by little the life of each one of them, and the situation in which they find themselves, we know, so you will be able to understand it better. and to join us in this constant struggle for those beings who deserve to a happy life and welfare after so much suffering.
All primates that we have rehabilitation in this park were primates who suffered a capture in their natural environment or come from other places where they had some unpleasant conditions, many were taken illegally, to serve as pets and then arrived at the park after being seized by the police or by reason of exchanges and donations from other centers.
The primates live in families or social groups, but these animals can not return to their savagery that would no longer accepted in any of these groups. Therefore they could not survive alone and so they perish. Here we keep trying the best we can form families (sometimes even different species) to retrieve forgotten natural activities or behaviors: De-louse, search for food, reproduction, social communication with members of their species so they can have a psychological stability and physics.
They are animals that have undergone a prior recovery and quarantine before placement on this installations, we aim to offer the possibility to live with other individuals of the same species, to form a family group and be transferred to other centers or other facilities.
Many have spent their lives as pets, living with humans so they acquire harmful habits like eating chocolate, drinking soda, alcohol, smoking. Therefore we must educate to recover these bad habits by providing a rich and healthy diet.
All individuals should be able to maintain independent lives without contact with humans, should be able to play, learn and understand social behavior, breed and be able to breed, care for and teach their offspring behaviors acquired by its own species.
The vast majority of our primates belong to the state, and we are so responsible for your care and recovery, we function as a recovery center and voluntary rehabilitation, we do not receive any kind of administrative support institutional therefore we do it with your help, with the collection of the park entrances and with the collaboration of many donors customers who fight alongside us for the speedy recovery. Our facilities are provisional, are currently working on a project with the collaboration of important organizations to perform new installations of primates that fall short of security and space that these animals need for a more optimal social life.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura focuses its forces in two directions, first performing the recovery of these specimens in their facilities and by another report since its education department. there are numerous educational campaigns carried out in schools and within the park to inform people about exploitation and illegal sale of primates and their consequences, with the hope that the young people who listen to us are those who make decisions in a future and help us change this bad example that extends across borders,  before which we are becoming a lot more that we are fighting.
We want to thank all those who visit us and help us to maintain these facilities and care of primates also to all those volunteers and donors without whom it would be impossible to conduct medical and behavioral treatments continued for when you need and finally thanks to Seprona patrol Civil Guard Fuerteventura working with us by the prohibition of the sale and illegal possession of these specimens always looking out for them.