Do you want to see how we give the feeding bottle to the last baby giraffe?

Thursday, 20 August, 2015
Still don't you know what are we talking about? After the birth of our last baby giraffe, we can say that in Oasis Park Fuerteventura live the biggest giraffes family in Spain!
The three little ones were born this year are bigger and stronger each day... And that's a big step for the conservation of species!
If you also want to get involved, we make it very easy for you. Witness how the little baby giraffe eats her feeding bottle! You can check yourself how wonderful is nature, in one of the three feedings we give to her a day:
at 11:00, 13:40 and 16:45 in front of the giraffes facility.
This beauty has no name yet... Soon we'll have to baptize her like we did with her two brothers! Keep an eye on our social networks, where soon we will inform you how and when is going to be celebrated the christening. Because she has given us the desire to continue fighting for endangered species.
Come because it's feeding bottle time! Don't miss this tender moment in our great giraffes facility! Her mother is in her first and we had to help her in the main tasks, but we are confident that nex time she won't need our help.