Do you know the famous natural cocaine?

Tuesday, 3 November, 2015
The latest fashion among rich Vietnamese young people is to use rhino horn powder as a drug. 
What has become a symbol of luxury and cool desirable, also improves sexual vigor and liver problems, as those who promulgate its use say.
But who has been the idea to use rhino horns like a drug or healing remedy?
It has been many years since traditional Chinese medicine recommends elixirs made with rhino horns to cure some diseases. The demand for this product was residual until a few years ago the number began to rise alarmingly.
83 rhinos died in 2008, 122 in 2009, 688 in 2010 and in recent years an average of 1300 rhinos were killed.
Is it really a remedy to human health rhino horn powder?
For many years as President of the British Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine it has certified that there is no record of the use of rhino horn in treating illnesses in two thousand years of Chinese medical texts.
Several experts say "Rhino horn is not a hangover or cancer cure".
What is its value on the black market?
The rhino horn powder has come to reach higher benefits than cocaine on the black market. Up to $ 65,000 (around 50,220 €) per kilogram, can be payd in recent years.
Elevated and encouraged by a black market prices, people have continued to destroyindividuals of white rhino, whose population is increasingly depleted South Africa, where 90% of the animals live in the wild, and the other 10% live in captivity in zoos and rescue centers and conservation of the world, involved in conservation projects where they are cared for and their genetic offspring is studied to ensure the conservation of the species, keeping them away from human predators.
In recent years they are making great efforts in the conservation of the different species of rhinos in extinction danger, it's unfortunate that we continue to take steps against nature and let disappear one of the oldest species on the planet because of human greed.
What zoos in Spain are involved in rhino conservation?
All zoos and aquariums of Spain and Portugal which form AIZA (Iberian Association of Zoos and Aquariums) are participants in the conservation of species. Some of them are involved in conservation programs where they have some specimens of rhinos and help to increase their population in captivity, while others are involved in disseminating information and advertising campaigns to make you know the big problem that exists, and what possible solutions we can take to stop this disaster. We are all a great family which work together to investigate, preserve and educate.
In what zoos can you see them?
Here are a few of the parks in Spain participating in conservation projects of this fantastic species, we encourage you to visit them and enjoy the beauty of these animals:
  • Zoo Aquarium of Madrid
  • Bioparc Valencia
  • Nature-park Cabarceno
  • Terra-Natura Benidorm
  • Castillo de las Guardas
  • Barcelona Zoo