Cirila Cabrera: only woman, exemplary mother and majorera of the year.

Wednesday, 13 May, 2015
Majorero Field Museum has more than 30 years bringing nature to people around the world who come to the island of Fuerteventura. It began as a nursery garden of ornamental plants with a tourist attraction consisted of a group of camels.
Currently, four companies are built on the effort and dedication of its founders and leaders, they can feel very proud to have built the bigest reserve of camels in Europe, have at their facilities more than 200 different exotic species contributing to their conservation, and ecological farms which make themselves self-sufficient. Undoubtedly, Cirila Cabrera, Lázaro Cabrera and Casto Martinez, are a clear example of perseverance and entrepreneurship.
On Saturday May 9, at the Gala of delivery of the Fuerteventura Wave Awards, Cirila Cabrera was awarded the prize for "Majorera of the Year" opposite the historic full comprised of more than 500 people who witnessed the act.
But with any doubt, among businessmen, politicians and other attendees to the event, Cirila had her eyes only for her daughters and sons - Soraya, Guacimara, Tomas and Orlando – Lázaro, Casto and the hundreds of employees who manage, the basic pillars of her businesses.
Despite having previously received awards that place her as important entrepreneur, the excitement of receiving this award in the land where she was born is unmatched. And if something can assure Oasis Park Fuerteventura, Botanical Garden Fuerteventura, Garden Center Fuerteventura and Agro-Craft Market, it’s that our performance is directly dependent on values that Cirila unfounded to us. Values that only a woman, a mother, is capable of transmitting: the household extrapolated to the enterprise level.
In his emotional speech she didn’t forget anyone. Her words were emanating passion and appreciation that are only able to spring from the unconditionally effort and work. Her family, her companions, her workers. The effort of each of these people, sharing with her a target, have fueled the project and become a dream into something tangible today.
The applause and affection of the audience, picked radiant well-deserved award, using the time to announce that all the money raised at the gala would be donated to the association of mentally ill ASOMASAMEN. But amid nerves, excitement and memories, she said the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer Fuerteventura, who attended the event and received the award. Cirila, who brought a touch of humor to this story, corrected his dismissal from his own pocket donating  1,500 € to ASOMASAMEN. Again, with such an altruistic gesture, is shown her personal greatness.
Because as the saying goes: "Everyone reap what sow." And she is collecting for her family, for her children and for her island Fuerteventura, which with much sweat and tears has struggled since her youth. Majorera like anyone, exemplary mother and enterprising woman, Cirila Cabrera deserves our congratulations.