Advice to enjoy with the kids of the cavalcade of Magi

Monday, 5 January, 2015

From the reserve of dromedaries biggest in Europe every year we like to give some safety tips to enjoy the Magi, we been carry 27 years collaborating with our service in multiple cavalcades and this has helped us to consider many details, always at the end of the cavalcades we take air and reflect on what we've seen, we wish we could convey the feelings of caregivers of camels that they keep telling us about the nerves that they have felt at all times, thinking that something would happen, that if a child is dropped, if a mom put a trolley in front of the animal, that if a child be next to the legs taking candy, to all this we want to put a remedy for that little by little people should be more aware and we can avoid a tragedy:

  • Choose a wide to enjoy the parade, without stress or agglomerations, with enough space to be comfortable yourselves and your little ones. Moving away a little of the passageway is possible to get a better view and be much safer.
  • Do not climb on urban elements that may be unstable, as railings, walls, bus shelters, benches, lampposts ...
  • This advice is for moms and dads with strollers, the worst of the ideas is to put the baby stroller in the front row of cavalcades, and when  pass the camels get stroller even more on the road near the animasl, think that if the animals been frightened or moved aside first thing will be beat the stroller.
  • Normally in many cavalcades, there are used  chairs for three persons , ie the camel there is capacity for be mounted three persons, but usually only goes one that is Magi, many fathers take children on the hands and raise for the king to give them a kiss or give his letter, but when they do this do not realize that camels do not stop, and that behind comes another camel and can hit the child with seat on the head and create a serious accident which can become deadly.
  • Keep an eye on your children at all the time, an oversight of a second could be enough to get lost among the people or run behind some candy, that the situated on the road through which pass the camels. The passage of the procession must to prevent that children not approaching at camels to avoid tumult around and tripping, falling and even abuses by animals. Although the delegations are usually cordoned off by security guards people, there may be oversights and any child can "to sneak" and finish under the animal.
  • In the case of that there is any fences  Never go beyond to them that separate us from the parade, fences are for something and especially for our safety.
  • Do not throw candies or any objects at the camels, or other parade viewers. Prevent that your children not to do neither
  • Beware especially with the babies and the launch of candy, as they are more vulnerable to these small projectiles.
  • First of all note that the camel is a noble animal, that needs their space, parades are very nice when distances and security are respected, but we must understand that is a bad example to the small ones when you are practically putting them under the legs of an animal, you can have the illusion and make the little ones enjoy a great time respecting the safety and welfare of animals.
  • Remember, the safety of children in the cavalcade of the Magi is everyone's responsibility, so make an effort because this tradition unperturbed. Hopefully these tips will help security further enjoy the Magi.

Happy Twelfth Night!