5 tips for your Fuerteventura trip!

Tuesday, 6 October, 2015
On 10, 11 and 12 October is celebrated the Spanish holiday of "El Pilar". And you don't have to work! Finally a few days in which you'll be able to take a relax time...
Why don't you take a free time and come to Fuerteventura?
But we know that in a few days it's difficult to plan a visit, so we make it easy giving you 5 places to visit that will make you feel in paradise!
1 - A rustic stay at Finca Verde Aurora.
Do you want a special stay? A different one? Sure you're tired of the pace of the city and you need a true change... Finca Verde Aurora, located in Teconisquey put at your disposal two properties: the Pillar House and the Aurora House. Two rural houses where noise and hustle and schedules, don't exist!
Enjoying the purest essence of Fuerteventura is very easy in this rural center, where besides the  majorero landscape, you can walk from a beautiful olive and aloe vera grove, discover the operation of a mill where oil is produced, and test the best selection of products for skin care 100% organic.
Do you need another reason?
2 - A wild adventure in Oasis Park Fuerteventura.
If you like adventure and want to live a wild experience, you've come to the right place. In Oasis Park Fuerteventura you will find everything you need to spend an unforgettable day!
Animals will appear in front of you in the midst of wild vegetation. You can feed giraffes and farm animals with your own hands, take a camel ride enjoying superb views, swimming with sea lions or make a lovely picture with our lemur family!
In addition, shows don't go unnoticed to anyone. Enjoy the free flight of exotic birds and birds of prey or check our sealions agility.¡Plan your visit not to miss anything!
3 - An ecological Sunday at the Agro-Craft Market.
Every Sunday opens in La Lajita the Agro-Craft Market, a weekly concentration of the best artisans and farmers on the island offering an immense variety of organic products and handmade crafts.
Taste the best fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides, taste authentic goat cheese from Fuerteventura, know the properties of our stones and design your own talisman, take the best handmade souvenirs or try the best creams made with organic olive oil and aloe vera.
Endless possibilities to take your loved ones the best gift you imagined. And very low cost! With the rhythm of traditional music, your visit to the Agro-Craft Market will take you to the depths of our culture. A single Sunday!
4 - A magical evening at the Lighthouse Entallada
If there is something special in Fuerteventura are our beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. Towards Gran Tarajal, after a town called Las Playitas, it's one of the best viewpoints on the island: The Entallada Lighthouse.
The building, built in 1953, custodies the Atlantic at 200m height above sea level, and is the closest point of the Canary Islands to Africa. Besides being a patient vigilant of large cetaceans migrations such as whales and sperm whales, gives us not only spectacular views of the sea, but also of the surrounding mountains: the natural monument Los Cuchillos de Vigán.
Dare to visit this beautiful viewpoint where photographs will look like a dream. And who knows, with a little luck you'll be able to see the tail of a whale!
5 - A dinner with sea flavor in the Restaurante La Fabiola
But you can't visit Fuerteventura without tasting the traditional cuisine. Located in the middle of a farm of more than 250 years old, the restaurant La Fabiola opens its doors inviting to walk through every corner of the beautiful house that welcomes you to taste its exquisite culinary creativity.
Chef Eric Bischop, a lover of decor and fine cuisine, mixes his two hobbies in front of each customer placing an authentic work of art. A dish with a delicate presence and unmatched flavor full of Canarian tradition. But also they offer an extensive menu with ingredients grown in their own farm.
This magical restaurant has been awarded with the Distinguished Award for Tourism in Fuerteventura 2015. And no wonder, because like in a fairy tale, the friendly atmosphere and the mix of flavors will make your visit to Fuerteventura a dream came true.
The magic of our beaches with crystal clear waters, the intense flavor of our local products laden with tradition, warm weather... You can't deny that sounds amazing!
During three days, treat yourself to break off and have an adventure!