5 PROHIBITED in Oasis Park Fuerteventura

Wednesday, 6 May, 2015
In Oasis Park Fuerteventura you will find not only a wild and natural environment in which to spend a great day. Here you’re invited to visit the home to hundreds of animals so that you may learn them. But there are some things we are tempted to do that can turn our wonderful experience in a hazard. Do you want to know the 5 things that you should NOT do in your visit to Oasis Park Fuerteventura? Read on and help us to take care of our animals.
Animals that live in the park have different origins, but most of them come from recovery centers or particulars who had given us them to take care of them. This implies that usually had developed abnormal behaviors, stereotypes and other diseases as a result of their poor holding in captivity. So in Oasis Park Fuerteventura we try to help in his rehabilitation.
On the other hand, the curious attitude of many animals, or other aggressive essence, turns their reaction to our calls attention unpredictable. Our huge desire to get a good photo, vanish when the animal takes our camera, or tries to attack us through glass.
For these two reasons it’s vital to let animals show how they are. Thus we get to see them in their most natural state, and avoid endanger us.
We can’t forget at any time that we are seeing wild animals, and therefore their reactions are impredecibles. A lot of information will indicate you where safety limits are. If you transgress them, you can run the risk of having an accident or lose some of your belongings because the animals caught.
In addition, there are standards that warn you at all time of the behavior you have had at each facility, depending on the type of animal that inhabits it. Thus we are sure that animals are not nervous and that you can see performing their normal behaviors.
If you see Oasis Park’s staff running through those barriers, it is because they are qualified people who have the appropriate training to work more closely with animals form, and therefore know the type of actions that shouldn’t be done to trigger an unexpected behavior part of the animal.
As we have said before, many of the animals that inhabit the zoo need a special calm and tranquility. Shouting, strong laugh, running in the halls, banging on the windows... That are behaviors that can provoke unnecessary stress to them.
Imagine that you live in a low pass that neighbors running, screaming and banging on your windows every few minutes. Sure you'll loose nerves and out to get their attention. Our animals are unable to dothis, so we have to meet these standards to ensure they are well.
The animals have very special dietary requirements to cover all their nutritional needs. In the Oasis Park’s house of food are received every day fruit, vegetables, meats and fish of high quality that will serve to feed them. The chef will prepare food combinations perfectly studied by a group of professionals. So we are sure that they are healthy.
The food that humans usually feed, can provoke disorders in the digestive system. Surely you've ever eaten something unusual and have spent several days with stomachache! In addition, our food come often in containers that can hurt animals, like straws, metal or plastic.
If you really want to feed with your own hands some of the animals in the park, there are several points of sale of food-bags. These bags contain foods to which the animals are habituated, and also are perfectly cleaned and disinfected so they can eat them without any problem. Park staff will indicate the animals that feed able. So, you will live the wonderful experience of feeding camels, giraffes and hippos with your own hands, without any risk.
You can find bins in all sections of the park. Containers in which separate paper, plastic and organic, are scattered everywhere to support us to collaborate with the care and protection of the environment.
Many guests of the zoo have freedom of movement. It’s not surprising to find flamingos in the hallway or a little donkey  so quiet having a walk around the farm. If we trash on the ground, animals may accidentally ingest it and that might cause them problems.
Together we can work to keep clean the park with the simple gesture of throwing garbage into the bins.
We invite you pay attention to these little rules and make your visit a responsible visit. Thank you for working with us!