5... 4... 3... The countdown begins!

Tuesday, 23 June, 2015
At last it is coming! The moment that all children were waiting arrives in only 5 days. Oasis Park Summer Camp is ready to start!
During 6 days and 5 nights, they will be the protagonists of a learning from nature, sea, fresh air and sports adventure. 
With an unbeatable program, we ensure that the kings of the house spend a week as they deserve. We know how much they have worked at school throughout the course! So here we intend to enjoy, but also to learn new things together.
What will they do during the day? They will not have a minute to get bored!
Inside the park they will participate in all kinds of environmental enrichment workshops for our animals and take part in activities of management and care, they will learn to recycle, they will plant their own seeds... But certainly what they prefer us to interact with our animals! Camels, sealions, lemurs... They will live unique and unrepeatable experiences!
But the adventure continues... Outside the park they will also participate in many activities! Paddle tennis, paintball, gymkhanas, kayaking, beach volleyball, introduction to fishing... And much more! We intend to spend the best week of their lives!
But we know that you're worried about who will take care for them, where they will sleep, what they are going to eat ... We have everything controlled! Children will be divided into groups of at most 15 children every two years. In addition, our group of specialized monitors for each activity, won't remove their eyes off the group. They'll never be alone!
Children will sleep in our special and adapted hostel for them. Besides counting each with its berth and a place to leave all their things, we have all kinds of amenities. Televison where whatch a movie together, a big bathroom with separate showers ... They will have every comfort!
About the food, you will see how they will eat fancy. With a balanced and supervised by our nurse and nutritionist menus, they will eat every day homemade food prepared by our expert chefs and top quality raw materials. We also have gluten-free menu. As you can see, you have nothing to worry about!
Playing and practicing is the way to learn, and around that philosophy rises our camp, considered one of the best in Spain. If you want a different experience for your children to learn enjoy,  you're on time!
Are you ready? Do you have everything you'll need? Then take your bag and begin the countdown with us! We start in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...
Live the adventure  #CampOasisPark2015.
You'll repeat!