We're back friends!

Montag, 2 März, 2015
Have only spent two days since the closure of 27 AIZA Congress (Association of Zoos and Aquariums Iberian), and we want to share with you the joy, pride and satisfaction that we feel in be part of this great family made up of the best zoos and aquariums of Spain and Portugal.
We know that many of you might be wondering but what's that AIZA?, what is the use ?, we could say with many technicalities and concepts the functions of the association and what is our role in it, but we believe that explaining it in a direct and simple so you will understand much better and we will get convey what it means for us be part of it.
Once a year all zoos and aquariums we met in a coexistence of three days in which we divided into several working groups, conservation, education, veterinary and marketing, each park and aquarium send one representative for each of the groups . And because only those groups ?
It simply because the mainstay of parks and aquariums, and the base by which walks day by day, is conservation, education and research for improving the animal welfare.
Little by little we will tell you everything that is obtained in this great meeting, this year has been in the aquarium Zaragoza. That was a perfect host, we leave some pictures of the meeting where it is appreciated as everyone works as one big family with one objective,
"fight for nature conservation and disclosure of the problems of this"
We want to thank all the representatives of zoos and aquariums for sharing all your experiences and concerns, this year we have achieved new targets that we know that everyone will go one step further in favor of biodiversity.