We are trying to save Cheeta

Freitag, 26 Juni, 2015
From Oasis Park Fuerteventura we want to inform that the people injured in the incident today are out of danger . We inform you of any changes, we expect the quickly recovery of those affected.
At the same time, we continue trying to save our young primate "Cheeta". As we told you in the previous note ,unfortunately King and Felipa not continued whit us. 
Following there are two ways Marking the Security Protocol in case of leakage of the primates, the first one is being sedated with tranquilizers. For what was happened today we have lost two individuals that for us were a member of our family. For the moment we are trying to safe Cheeta, the second female of the family.
In this moments, she are intervened of the all veterinary team. We want to continue have contact with all of you, that you understand our situation with respect for ours animals and our personal of the park who today have a complicated day.
We have received support and we just want to thank you for all the beautiful words and your confidence and most of all we are praying for that our little Cheeta continue whit us.
You are a part of our family. Thanks millions of times from Oasis Park Fuerteventura, Thank you very much.
We will continue give you information about Cheeta.