The veterinary clinic Oasis Park is prepared for the operation of Hippo

Dienstag, 2 Dezember, 2014
The best veterinary specialists arrived from Paris, serving with the professional team of Fuerteventura Oasis Park veterinary clinic a very important operation.

The operation will take place on December 8th early in the morning, consists in cutting the fangs, because he has them so long, that have pierced his upper lip. Anesthesia in animals much weight and size characteristics of a hippopotamus, have a more risk of mortality, so it must be performed under the direction of experienced professionals in this field. 

The clinic Fuerteventura Oasis Park will receive two prestigious veterinarians who have a wide experience in wildlife and animals with oversized. Norin Chai from Paris Zoo, and Thierry Petit from La Palmyre Zoo, will be on the island of Fuerteventura from day 6th preparing operation of a young male hippo, who lies in the installation of the African savannah. 

We wish good luck to all the team and our little hippo, grateful for the excellent cooperation of friends from zoos. Their always strive to for the welfare of all species and aid in the amplitude of professional training, contributing their experience for free.