Sacrificing an old animal or care for him?

Mittwoch, 17 Dezember, 2014
Many people always ask, what we do with our guests when they are older, they also complain when they see older animals by their appearance getting to think that they are in bad shape, but from the biggest reserve in Europe and Oasis Park Fuerteventura, we would like to clarify some things respect for all of you dear readers.
In the reserve of dromedary, we have a comfortable a relaxation area for those individuals who have reached the age or condition of retirement, this area is designed for continuous rest are exemplary that are set apart for a life of complete rest under the care of veterinarians and keepers of the reserve, from out to graze, to make games enrichment facilities, but above all relax disconnected from daily activity and enjoying in herds where possible according to the particular case of each.
Oasis Park Fuerteventura is considered that animals have the same right to grow and become old, that a person, it is understood that one thing is the agony of the and the other is the comfort of not carrying a pet when is no longer young and starts with aches and will depend more on their owners, that is not suffering or agony, much less is a disease.
There are three stages in life that must be respected, young, mature and old age are different forms of life, but all worthwhile living them. You can get sick and dying at any stage, and any of them take the decision to end the suffering, if there is no solution or remedy. It cares of life as possible to, but when there is no life, just wait suffering can not be relieved, then you should have pity and make the best decision to relieve the suffering.
Elena Diaz, biologist and head of research at the farm of dromedaries tells a case for example under the professional viewpoint:
"The case of Margarita, one of the oldest camels of reserva with 42 years old, her hip was broken and she suffered typical and normal problems for her age in her morphology, was at a point where to avoid suffering was the most logical euthanize the animal, but Margarita showed despite her pain a positive attitude each day, where despite the pain she could have, she did not complain and rose as she could every day showing a young spirit, an eager to eat the world was indicating she wanted to live, she had an unnatural strength and wanted to live, which is why we are continuing supply her with soothing and helping to suffer less until the situation indicate us that we should stop now, so Margarita continuous two years until the day came where we pointed out that it had reached her time."
Oasis Park Fuerteventura we are united with our animals, and there is a moment where it makes us know when you have reached the end, we think to be able to listen and not be guided by our feeling or comfort, if you really want them, we have to each case is different, but with this we teach that animals also have the three stages in life like all of us and as such must be respected.