Oasis Park conquers visitors in Feaga 2015

Freitag, 17 April, 2015
It's not easy to resist an appointment of this magnitude. Over 400 kids chose the largest and most funny fair's stand. Oasis Park Fuerteventura meets expectations and raises passions, reinforced in some conservation and recycling workshops where children are immersed.
The adventure has just begun!!
Have you ever thought that garbage could become art? In this colossal event, we get it in the hands of those who believe that everything is possible. Teaching how to work, both young and adults, can be fun. Free workshop participants confirm it. They have learned a lot about how to work the land in a sustainable way without chemical fertilizers; or how to take advantage of your urban garden.
The classes are moved to Pozo Negro, where volunteers give us the perfect lesson, explaining us lots of curiosities about flora and fauna. No age limits, protected Fuerteventura's plants catch those who cross their path, showing us their best. And of course, our precious camels. These mammals are contemplated and are felt in the most participatory stand of all. Visitors milked while learning the infinite values of camel milk, still unknown.
Beware if you find a horoughly cared stand. You can get lost in it! Mother's Day is about to arrive and thereby increases the expectation of our special guests, Dutch flowers, in Garden Center Fuerteventura. You can also find a big amount of different fruit trees. Unstoppable!! Nature looks in this wonderful way here in FEAGA. The majorero field crops promises and new fruits crave.
You will be able to find many offers and enjoy a long travel; a path where contemplate very different viewa, only in our stand. It's unique hanks to the camel caravan, the vocation of our team, and the quality of the information points. Our warriors kids will keep asking for summer camp during these two days, ready to work and formalize all kinds of reservations at no cost.