Oasis Park apologizes for Happy FM - Fuerteventura

Montag, 29 Juni, 2015
After what happened during these days of yesterday and today, we have received all kinds of comments encouraging us to take the appropriate actions, if possible legal actions. Alci Rivero, a famous radio host from Fuerteventura, committed an intolerable imprudence.
The day of the incident at Oasis Park, Alci Rivero, speaker of "Happy FM – Fuerteventura", an Insular radio program, broadcast live this unfortunate as you can see mockery. Mockery that has been shared by the vast majority of society of Fuerteventura by Whatsapp and whose contents not only ridicules the horrible situation we all here present lived, but also was disrespectful to the person who risked her life by going in person to introduce the primates in their installation.
We want to clarify that today, Sunday June 28, Alci Rivero has come to Oasis Park Fuerteventura to apologize. But the park staff wasn't ready to speak with him and they didn't allow him to enter. The explanation was that what we need is an apologize at the same medium that had made such barbarity.

Literally he said:
"The monkey has escaped, the monkey has escaped, the monkey has escaped.
Cirila! Run Cirila! The monkey has escaped, daughter of the great B --- "
First, in the media it is unusual in this type of behavior seriously. During this time, those responsible have not excused. we apologize to all those affected, family members, friends and sympathizers who have been offended by this joke in very bad taste.
We understand that the situation is complicated for many people. Therefore, many people are living a great offense for what happened. We pray that the person responsible for the negligence will not be disturbed by social networks and not personally. We want to think that anyone can make a mistake. We do know that politely we will accept the apology that says in the same media in which it is delivered. We will not take legal action.
We are not going to allow this kind of behaviour because it will mean that we agree with it. We actually think that it's intollerable for profesionals like those, issue tot he public this kind of harasssment.