The most special "baby-boom" starts in Oasis Park

Donnerstag, 3 April, 2014

Fuerteventura zoo is celebrating the arrival of the spring and, with it, the birth of new members of the zoo. It's all even more special if the first newborns are animals currently endangered and listed in animal care and recovery programs due to the reduced number of specimens in the wild. 

A day after the birth of the Ring-Tailed Lemur, the family of Oryx Gemsbuck antelopes has decided to increase their size. Since the arrival of the first three specimens in 2009, the family of gacelles has dramatically increased. Counting two males and a female which arrived to our facilities today, there is a total of 10 members after the birth of a female. After 240 days of pregnancy, last Thursday 3rd's afternoon, the female gave birth to a newborn Gemsbuck which was born under the watchful eye of our visitors. 

Our park is the only zoo in the Canary Islands which hosts the Oryx Gacelle species. It was not a problematic birth and the baby's weight was 7 kg and was naturally accepted by her mother. The gemsbuck is an African antelope native to the arid regions of the African southeast. This species can be up to 1.6 metres tall and is either brown, dark brown or gray coloured with white spots in their lower back. Both males and females have long straight horns. The populations of Oryx are currently not endangered but are threatened by uncontrolled illegal hunting which is reducing their population. 

As usual, the name of the new specimen will be chosen by social media users who follow Fuerteventura Oasis Park.