As long as Hunting is allowed, we will continue to protecting them day to day.

Mittwoch, 15 April, 2015
Their characteristics  horns and color of their skin makes that the most of the antelopes are in serious danger of extinction. Between 2000 and today, their populations have declined in very high figures due to the work of the illegal hunters. 
The reasons: As stated at the beginning, their valuable horns, for example highly appreciated by Chinese medicine, because with them they are manufactured  health benefits powders  supposedly with high properties. 
What do we want to say with all this? 
Zoos and aquariums are for many species the last refuge that they have to survive and escape the man, in the zoo there are species that no longer exist in wild life because have been killed until exterminate them. 
Were it not for many zoos and aquariums thousands of species would already be missing. Zoos and aquariums have as foundation a duty to educate, preserve and to always research for nature, and thats why we believe it is necessary to know how zoos and aquariums benefit the nature.